Catering for your Bar & Our Top Picks of Mobile Bars

If you are having a canvas/marquee wedding or your venue isn’t set up with a bar, you may be looking for the best way of setting one up for your day. In this post, we’re sharing our top picks of mobile bars and also discussing how best to supply a bar yourselves.

Catering for your own bar

If you’re wanting to sort the bar out yourselves, there are two obvious routes to go down to do this: supplying an open bar & a Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) set up. With a bit of forward thinking and imagination, these set ups can be done easily and conveniently enough.


A BYOB set up has lots of positives and, if done right, can be a welcome alternative for you & your guests over paying for pricey drinks all day & night.

To make it as convenient as possible for everyone involved, let guests know in the invites that you’ll be having a BYOB reception. To make it even easier for them, think about supplying mixers, glassware, paper straws and bottle openers yourselves. Include this information in your invites so they will know what items they don’t need to worry about bringing.

Ask around and see if any friends/family have any cooler boxes you can borrow and put ice buckets on each table so guests can keep their bottles chilled and enjoy a nice, not-warm drink.

As a thank you for your guests helping you out on this, and if your budget allows, supply any fizz for the toasts and don’t forget to thank them in the speech.

Supplying an Open Bar

If you don’t want to ask your guests to supply the booze for your reception, and it fits in with your budget, you could set up an open bar for the day.

Most, if not all, supermarkets have deals on alcohol throughout the year so you can buy as and when you are doing your weekly shop. This would help save you paying out for a bulk order just before the wedding when you’ll be paying off other suppliers. There’s also the option of shopping at a wholesaler if buying in bulk.

There’s some really cool ideas out there of how you can have the drinks available for your guests to take when they want one: from a canoe or bath tub filled with ice to keep bottles, large Kilner jars with your favourite cocktails ready made, bowls of sangria, and Pimp-Your-Prosecco stations. A bit of imagination, and a bit of time spent on Pinterest, will give you endless options of what you can do.

Mobile Bars

If you’d rather leave your bar in the hands of professionals, there’s no end to the options out there for mobile bars that you can hire for the day. Most suppliers will offer personalised package deals and there’s something out there for every couple and their ideal bar set up. Here’s our top picks…

The Bubble Bros

If you and your guests are fond of a bit of fizz, Bubble Bros is a great idea. Either their Prosecco Van or their Bubble Bike will go down amazingly well with your guests, and your photographer.

The Gin & Sin Co

Speciality bars can go down a treat and gin is the perfect drink to dedicate a bar to. Offering a signature menu of Gin & Tonics, Gin Fizz cocktails and prosecco, this mobile bar would be an ideal addition for you gin lovers out there.

Gin & Sin Co

L’Atelier Vintage Cocktail Box

The guys at L’Atelier Vintage Cocktail Box are passionate about their cocktails & are perfect if you’re looking for a bit of variety.

L’Atelier Vintage Cocktail Box

Lucky Pineapple Bar

Really want to impress your guests with a proper show stopper, look no further than the Lucky Pineapple Bar.

A bar in the shape of a giant, gold pineapple will really be something to remember and it also serves up a variety of alcoholic drinks, catering for all your guests tastes. Their additional services also include boozy bingo and a DJ, making them the perfect suppliers to create a great party atmosphere for your day.

Lucky Pineapple Launch

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