Finding The Perfect Venue For You

The venue, without a doubt, plays the biggest role on your wedding day and it also takes up the biggest chunk of your budget so it’s important to get it right. It’ll be the first thing you’ll need to get sorted and, once it’s booked and a date is confirmed, it’ll pretty much impact every other aspect of the day.

Before starting the old google search the minute you’re engaged, have a sit down together and talk about what it is you both want from the day and how you want it to feel. Do you want a more chilled, rustic vibe or do you want to go über glam? Do you want to stay local or are you happy for your guests to travel a bit further? Do you want people to stay over in the one location and carry on the celebrations the next day?

Once you’ve decided on these points, do a rough plan of your expected guest list. This doesn’t have to be final numbers or completely accurate but you’ll need to get a rough idea of the number of people you will be inviting to the day and to the evening. The last thing you’ll want to do is fall in love with a venue only to find that the capacity is three times your guest list or, even worse, wouldn’t even hold half the people you plan to have there.

When looking for your venue, bear in mind how hands on you want to be in the run up and even during the setting up of your wedding. If you want complete control over the finer details and free run to source whatever suppliers you want to go with then an exclusive hire or marquee setup venue would be perfect for you. If you would rather hand control over to a wedding coordinator and are happy to be limited to a list of the venues recommended suppliers then a hotel or stately home type venue would be more ideal for you.

Most venues will send you a brochure that includes their up-to-date pricing structure. Take a look at this and make sure that the venue would fit in with your budget. Much like with the guest list, you do not want to be falling head over heels with a venue and then finding out that you can’t eat for the next 10 years to be able to afford it.

One things for sure though, there is a venue out there for everyone regardless of if you want completely alternative, completely traditional or something in between. Once you start visiting potential venues, go armed with a list of questions you have prepared so you can make sure the venue can provide you with everything you are looking for.

Questions you may want to bear in mind are:

How do they organise the flow of the day? What is their usual time table for events?

If the ceremony & reception are at the same venue, do they take place in the same room? 

If the ceremony is elsewhere, what time would they expect you to arrive?

Where would the guests be moved to when the room is changed round (for e.g. from wedding breakfast to evening reception)?

If at any point you would usually be outdoors, is there a wet weather plan?

When visiting the venues, listen to your gut. If, at any point, you have any doubts or are unsure they are able to provide what you’re looking for then ask if there’s room to negotiate. If not and you’re still not 100% happy then look for this in the next venue you visit. You are looking to spend a lot of money for the services provided and you need to be confident and happy in the choice you’ve made.

When you find a venue you love, and you see yourself there, getting married and having the time of your life together, and you’re happy with everything they can offer then what are you waiting for!

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