How To Be A Good Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an amazing honour and a great reflection of the importance of your relationship to the bride but, with that honour, comes some responsibility in making sure that the planning stages and the actual day go as smoothly as possible for the happy couple. In this post, we’re sharing with you our tips & advice on how you can be a good bridesmaid…

1. PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

Being any part of a wedding can, at times, be overwhelming and stressful but do try to keep a positive attitude throughout because, in the end, all your efforts with be so worth it. Most importantly, don’t let the bride know when things are getting stressful as she’ll have enough to deal with herself.

2. Get Involved

Be an active player in any type of planning & communication. Offer your opinion when its asked for and make an effort to get as involved as possible. Get to know your other bridesmaids and, if you’re in charge of doing the organising, do what you can to keep everyone else involved and regularly ask for their input.

3. Be A Good Listener

The bride-to-be may need to rant at some point in the planning stages. Let her vent & provide all the support required when she needs it. Also, be there to listen to her excitedly talking about their plans and what they’ve booked. Only give advice & your opinion when it’s asked of you. If you don’t like something, be gracious and remind yourself that its their day.

4. The Bridesmaid Outfit

This is the biggy when it comes to being a bridesmaid. What are you going to wear? Hopefully, the bride will pick something that you love but, if not, remember that not everyone has the same tastes and even if its not necessarily something you’d have chosen for yourself, it doesn’t mean that it looks bad. Unless you would absolutely rather not attend the wedding than wear what’s been chosen then do not say anything and wear that outfit with a smile on your face. It’ll be hard to pick something that caters to everyones tastes, especially if it’s a large bridal party, so don’t make it any more difficult for your bride-to-be than it needs to be.

A good way to think about it is, as a bridesmaid, you’ll hopefully get a decent profile picture for the next few months out of it. But, for the couple getting married, it’s their wedding album for the rest of their lives and it’s important that everything suits their tastes and style.

5. Plan A Good Hen

Give your bride-to-be the best send off into married life she could have wished for. Head over to our post here for our tips on how to plan a good hen.

6. Be At The Dress Appointments

If the bride has asked you to attend a bridal boutique appointment then she clearly values your opinion but be diplomatic with your opinion. Much like with the bridesmaid dress, everyone has their own tastes so will have their own favourite of the gowns that are tried on. The only opinion that really matters here though is the brides. Gauge her reaction: if she’s unsure about it and dislikes some elements then its clearly not the one, regardless of whether you love it or not. You don’t need to pick at it or highlight the faults, if she isn’t 100% happy with it then tell her to get it off and get the next one on. If she absolutely loves it then love it with her, even if you preferred another one.

7. Be Prepared & Organised

Need to order your own shoes? Need to get your dress altered? Do this as soon as possible so you don’t get to the final countdown before the big day and the bride is stressing over whether you’re sorted or not. Let her check it of her to-do list as soon as possible.

On the day, be where you need to be at the time you need to be there. Hopefully it won’t be a 6AM start for prep but, if it is, don’t moan & don’t complain if you’ve got to be the first person in the makeup chair.

8. Get the Bride A Thoughtful Gift

If the happy couple are covering all the costs of your outfit for the day and your hair & makeup, it may be a nice touch to get the bride a little gift from you all. This could be some jewellery that she can wear on the day and then keep, earrings or a bracelet for e.g, or you could cover her Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, & Something Blue. It would most definitely be something she would be grateful for.

9. Have A Good Time

On the day, once you’ve got the bride to the church, hopefully on time, then relax & enjoy your day too. Keep on top of any responsibilities or jobs that have been asked of you but just have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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